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Business Organisations: Sri Lanka

Jewellers Sri Lankan Products/Services Business Development
Khiard Jewellers 
Shop No. 1, Mount Lavinia Hotel, 
Mount Lavinia
Email: info@khiard.com 
Web: www.khiard.com 
Phone: 011-2723616
Bayvon Arts
Temple Road, Kalubowila, Dehiwala
Email: admin@bayvon.com
Web: www.bayvon.com
Sri Lanka Technology Incubator (Pvt) Limited
Bank of Ceylon Merchant Tower Building,
9th Floor, 28 St. Michael's Road,
Colombo 03, Sri Lanka.
Email: azmeer@conceptnursery.com
Web: www.conceptnursery.com
Phone: 011 4722856
Fax: 011 4722852
Stock Market Research

Stockit (Pvt) Ltd
Stockit provides professional stock market research and advice on the Colombo Stock Exchange. Create your own portfolios, watchlist.
Email: info@stockit.biz

Brandix Lanka Limited

Branded clothing exporter; fabric, garment accessories: thread, hangers, buttons manufacturer in Sri Lanka; provider of washing, dyeing, finishing, quality control facilities and unique services from the factories to the stores.

409 Galle Road, Colombo 3, Sri Lanka.
Email: info@brandix.com
Web: http://www.brandix.com
Tel: +94 114 727000
Fax: +94 114 727010




Development Interplan (Ceylon) Limited 
No, 80, Reclamation Road,
Colombo - 11, Sri Lanka 
Email: faith@zeelabs.com 
Web: www.dicl.lk 
Phone: 011-2327810
Fax: 011-2332331

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